The Podiatrists at Bellarine and Geelong Podiatry are all trained in the Toe Pro foot strengthening program and consider this part of your foot pain rehabilitation to be the vital part in your return to recovery. Some clients call it core or Pilates for feet. You may have good shoes, great orthotics but are still in pain well that’s when foot strengthening can help.

Toe Pro dynamometer

A Foot Strength Assessment will be conducted using a Toe Pro dynamometer.

The Toe Strength Dynamometer allows precise measurement of toe strength deficits.

A strength score helps provide clear proof of the need to perform toe exercises.

The strength score provides measurable guidelines for the return to sport and/or activity.

The test can be performed and repeated during follow up examinations to evaluate  response to the home strengthening program.

Foot Strength Program

The ToePro foot exercise platform is designed to improve performance and recovery from injury by optimising exercises for the foot and ankle.

The ToePro enable users to apply high forces to the muscles of the foot and and leg whilst in a lengthened position compared to conventional exercises. Exercising lengthened muscles produce nearly fourfold increases in strength gains!

The surface of the ToePro allows ideal concentric (shortening) contraction of the muscles during the prescribed exercises whilst the soft sruface also challenges the users balance. assisting with balance improvement.

Conditions that benefit are those that correlate strongly with foot muscle weakness.

  • Heel pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsal stress fractures
  • Bunions
  • Fall prevention

Make an appointment today to see if weak foot muscles are the cause of your pain.