Ask a Podiatrist… What is a corn?

Corn on toeA corn is a small focal area of hardened skin (callous) that tends to ‘dig’ into the skin. They are very common and usually caused by friction and pressure; particularly from ill fitting or tight footwear. Corns are often very small but can be really painful. They are common between the toes and on weight bearing areas of the feet. Corns are often described as feeling like there is a stone in your shoe and is most noticeable when in bare feet standing on a hard surface.

Removed corn on toe with padding

Podiatrists are very skilled at removing corns with minimal discomfort, using a small scalpel blade. We will remove the corn and provide padding or spacing devices to keep pressure from that area and allow the skin to recover. We often provide education to our clients around footwear and maintaining foot health to prevent reoccurrence, however an individuals foot type and the way they walk means corns can reoccur. Regular maintenance (every few months) is essential to ensure comfortable healthy feet.

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