Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Often our clients ask us; how many shoes do I need?

We love being asked this question as many clients think there is no such thing as too many shoes! Some of our Team would agree when it comes to fashion shoes. Fashion shoes are the types of shoes you might wear to a special occasion but are not your everyday footwear. Let’s focus our attention on our everyday, practical footwear.

  • No matter how active you are, it is essential to have a great exercise shoe, as this is when the forces on our feet are magnified. Depending on the type and frequency of activity, you may only need one shoe across multiple activities, however this may not be the case for all of our clients.

  • Next shoe to consider is your work shoe, if you spend long periods standing at work then this may be your most important shoe.

  • And finally, your casual shoe; it is surprising how many steps we take in our casual shoe with many people walking around a market or standing at a party easily clocking up 7000 – 8000 steps.

Footwear plays an enormous role in your foot health so it is essential that you are choosing the right shoes for your needs. For some quick tips on what to look out for, visit our website blog post on Selecting Supportive Footwear. We have an excellent range of shoes in our clinic and can assist patients by assessing your individual footwear needs and advising which features to look for in your shoes.

Give us a call on 5222 7744 to schedule a shoe fitting or book an appointment online. 

So, the question is – how many shoes do you own, do you wear them all regularly?